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SFSA disability aims to improve the health and well-being goals of person living with disability. To fulfill client’s goals, appropriate attention is paid to ensuring that clients with the disability have access to care and benefits. To enhance health benefits, SFSA disability focuses on attaining the goals through enhancing workers’ and adults’ access to educational assistance, as well as providing early intervention in early childhood and timely treatment and care for children and adults’ health and wellbeing.
SFSA Disability provides the greatest services in terms of development opportunities. We as a service provider work collaboratively with the local and federal agencies to get the most benefits of NDIS’s funding. We have a “can do” attitude which means we are open and prepared for any challenges that our clients face while working towards achieving their goals within the NDIS guidelines. We focus on providing equal opportunities to our client and their families to own the process of choosing and achieving their goals within our services.

Assist life stage transition

We understand that transitioning to a new stage of life is difficult for everyone, but it can be even more difficult if you have a disability.

Assist Personnel activity

SFSA Disability provides Assistance with daily personal activities. It includes assistance with daily personal activities to help you live as independently.

Assist travel and transport

It can be difficult to go out and about at times. Taking public transportation to and from work or to see family and friends.

Daily tasks shared living

We have specialised and highly trained employees with the necessary skills and abilities to satisfy the unique needs of those who require complex care.

Development life skills

SFSA also focuses on the development of daily living and life skills. Learning life skills can help you cope more successfully with challenges.

Group/Centre activity

People can participate in group activities at the SFSA They can also participate in the Mi Community, Sport, Recreation, and Leisure programme.

Household tasks

SFSA disability understand the requirements of the clients in respect to household tasks and provide Assistance with the costs of food preparation.

Innovative community participation

SFSA will support you in doing the things you want to do, whether you live in one of SFSA’s own residences or live independently in your own house.